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“Ocean of People”: First reflections on the procession of the UOC

The procession of the UOC, which is now taking place in Kiev, was attended by the same number of believers as in previous years. Believers carry posters expressing their attitude towards Patriarch Bartholomew, writes Pravblog.

“The first impression is a sea of ​​people. Judging by the stream coming down the hill, one gets the impression that the same number of believers have come as in previous years. The procession of the UOC is growing and gaining strength!

“The second impression is that people are carrying posters on which their attitude towards Patriarch Bartholomew is expressed. “Bartholomew – schism”, “Bartholomew, do not come, do not stir up confusion”, “We will not give up the shrine”, etc. Interestingly, many of the posters are hand-made. And this suggests that this is not a prepared action, but a reflection of what is boiling in people’s souls, ”writes the Telegram-channel.

Representatives of all 53 dioceses of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and representatives of the Local Orthodox Churches will arrive at the Great Procession in Kiev.

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