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The Phanar cleric in Ukraine accused of manslaughter (VIDEO)

A clergyman of St. Andrew’s church in Kyiv crashed his car into a roadblock, killing two people.

Alexander Efremenko, subdeacon of Phanar‘s Exarch Mikhail (Anishchenko) and clergyman of St. Andrew’s church in Kyiv, crashed a car into a roadblock, killing at least two people, the Churcher telegram channel reports.

The tragedy occurred on May 25 on the Odessa highway in the Glevakha area, but it became known about it only now. On the video from the scene, those present claim that Efremenko was under the influence of alcohol, the fact denied by the subdeacon.
The authors of the channel indicate that more than 3 months have passed since the tragedy, but Efremenko has not been prosecuted yet. Journalists suggest this is owing to the connections of the subdeacon in law enforcement agencies and the intervention of the Phanar’s Exarch.
“How come that the subdeacon escaped responsibility despite the use of prohibited substances or deliberate neglect and violation of traffic rules, which led to the death of two people? We are at a loss to know how this became possible… Is it thanks to the work of the Military Clergy of the UOC-KP in the Synodal Department and their contacts in law enforcement agencies? Or thanks to the intervention of Efremenko’s current chief – perhaps even the Exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch himself? How can the leadership of the OCU or the Stauropegia of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, which was definitely informed about the accident, cover up the criminal – moreover, the actual murderer of two people!?” the Churcher inquires.

Alexander Efremenko is a founder of the Spiritual Front resource, which defends the interests of the Phanar and the OCU, as well as a personal assistant to the Exarch of the Phanar. On August 26, together with Efremenko, the Exarch held a working meeting with Brovary Mayor Igor Sapozhko and members of the Brovary City Council.



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