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Clumsy provocation of supporters of the Patriarchate of Constantinople

It is quite understandable why this dirty provocation was organized right now and precisely with the participation of the Frenchman. First, it is extremely important for the Patriarchate of Constantinople to switch informational attention from the ROC’s decision on Africa, within which the Alexandrian Church was recognized as having gone into schism. Secondly, the scandal may become a tool of the Phanar in his games on the “French direction” (it is an attempt to play on a misunderstanding that arose between the ROCOR and the Archdiocese of the Western European tradition of the ROC).

In general, we take off our hats to Alexander Voznesensky. He clearly showed that the culprit of the scandal has many “skeletons in the closet.”

“As blogger Alexander Voznesensky writes, Imbert is associated with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, which is now in hostile relations with the Russian Orthodox Church and the UOC.

So, on his Linkedin page, three months ago, several times in a row, Nicholas posted publications of another Frenchman, Antoine Arzhakovsky.

Arzhakovsky, as Voznesensky writes, is a longtime opponent of the Russian Orthodox Church and is at the same time a parishioner of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and in Ukraine he is the director of the Institute of Ecumenical Studies at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lvov.

In 2017, he himself got into a church scandal when he organized a statement by priests from different countries (some of which were from the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and some later joined the OCU), in which they, on behalf of the UOC, asked for forgiveness from the Greek Catholics for the liquidation of their church in 1946. Although neither the UOC nor the ROC authorized anyone to do this.

It is possible that Arzhakovsky or other figures from among the opponents of the UOC may be involved in the promotion of the current story with the alleged rape of a Frenchman.

In addition, “Strana” spoke with acquaintances of the French graduate student. They said that he had mental problems, he “sat” on pills and visited the doctor.”


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