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The OCU propagandist spoke about “African priests who went for money”

The OCU propagandist Dmitry Gorevoy believes that the African clerics who asked for the ROC do not know where Ukraine is and left the jurisdiction of the Alexandrian Patriarchate “for money.” He presented his vision of the world on LB.ua.

According to Gorevoy, if these priests did not receive any letters from the Patriarch of Alexandria, Moscow accepts them illegally.

“Why did the African priests suddenly decide to go to the Russian Orthodox Church? I don’t think that Ukraine hurts them and they are such principled followers of Onufriy. I am sure that they will not be able to show Ukraine even on a map, as well as pronounce its name the first time. In fact, money was the main motivation there. The specificity of African religious realities should be understood. The locals do not have stable and principled confessional preferences, upholding certain theoretical principles, which has been characteristic of Europeans for a longer time. Africans are more practical. For them, religion is more applied than abstract. This is very well described in the specialized literature on religion. They take many things literally and cannot understand why Europeans interpret something literally, and something allegorically. And selectively.

This simplicity and practicality often translates into the principle of “whose money, that and faith.” Relatively speaking, who has the best social package and humanitarian aid, we belong to that church / denomination. In conditions of total poverty, this is more than a rational choice. Therefore, it is not very difficult to find a hundred clerics for 5 million African Orthodox Christians, having also a financial hook, ”the“ expert ”shared his valuable observations.

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