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“Priests” of the OCU and UGCC seized the UOC church in Vyshgorod

On September 6, 2023, with the support of the police and territorial defense, chaplains of the OCU and the UGCC seized the UOC Borys and Gleb church in Vyshgorod.

On its Facebook page the community of the church posted a video of the seizure, where it is seen how the raiders, with the help of a crowbar and hydraulic shears, open the doors of the church.

The raid was attended by the OCU “priest” Vasyl Lilo, who seized St. Michael’s Church in Boyarka, UGCC chaplain Mykola Medynsky and the OCU “theologian” Vasyl Klos, who appears to everyone as the “rector” of the Borysoglebsk church.

Also, one of the chaplains entered the altar and took the antimins from the throne. He unfolded it in front of everyone and said that he stole the shrine “so that there would be no talk that this (UOC – Ed.) is the Ukrainian Church,” and the “right” to do so, in his words, was given to him by the “children of the Ukrainian people.”

“You have been oppressing my people for 300 years,” he told one of the women.

Now the real religious community cannot get into their temple even by presenting ownership documents.

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  • Хороший храм. Я там несколько раз Исповедовался и Причащался.
    Но незваные гости там не надолго, уж поверьте.


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