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In Khotiv an illegal “vote” transferred the church of the UOC to the OCU

In the village of Hotov near Kiev, supporters of the OCU illegally “voted” to transfer the church in honor of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky to the OCU. This is reported by “Dozor on “Pershyi Kozatskyi”.

At the meeting, the organizers of the transfer did not hide the fact that in fact it is only a collection of people with local registration and admitted that they are not parishioners of the Alexander Nevsky temple. Some admitted that they do not even go to any church. Also absent people were registered as participants in the action.

The real community of the temple decided to come to the meeting to express their disagreement with what was happening and to declare its illegality, but during the voting they were ignored despite the fact that the UOC believers were the majority.

The believers said that they would appeal to the police and the court.

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