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First went: OCU begins activities in the Diaspora

Alas, our prediction about the upcoming problems of the UOC abroad came true. The “cleric” of the Kharkiv “eparchy” of the OCU Serhiy Sirenko announced the beginning of the “chaplain mission” of this structure in Warsaw on July 28, 2023.

In this whole story, it is not even the fact of the event itself that is interesting, since this has been going on for a long time. The feature is twofold:

1) “Mission” or not – this is foreign activity, which is expressly prohibited by Tomos;
2) This “mission” takes place in Poland, on the canonical territory of the Polish Orthodox Church.

Even the UOC does not open parishes abroad in those states that are the canonical territory of a particular Local Church. Especially in Poland, where the PAOC is already maximally supportive of Orthodox Ukrainians.

This situation highlights several important points. Firstly, the OCU thus actually challenged the Polish Church. This means that they simply put an end to the recognition of their structure by the PAOC.

Secondly, this format of the OCU’s activities abroad confirms our assumptions that Tomos, in this regard, will be violated, most likely, “with the blessing” of their Turkish patron. That is, Bartholomew is well aware of this step, and it is quite possible that he will continue to allow this to be done, especially in the territories of those Local Churches that categorically refuse to recognize the OCU.

On the other hand, such a development of events gives additional “trump cards” to those Local Churches that may, as a result, come out with a condemnation of the activities of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Well, it would be appropriate for the Polish Church to react to this aggressive step on the part of the OCU.

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