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The Russian Orthodox Church will build a temple in honor of St. Prince Volodymyr in Tanzania

And here is the news from Tanzania. Yes, not just …but from the Masai tribe!

On February 12, 2022, Archpriest Andrey Novikov visited the newly formed missionary parish, led by priest Elijah Mhando Katisiko. Father Elijah is a representative of the famous African Masai people, the missionary parish is located far from roads and communications, also in the settlement of the Masai people. Previously, no one came here with a mission and a sermon.

Father Elijah recently applied for admission to the Russian Orthodox Church, he was expelled from his church by the local Greek bishop.

Most of the inhabitants of the settlement have not yet been baptized. A catechism and missionary conversation were held with them, Father Elijah was given the cross of a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church. Pectoral crosses and icons were handed over to those who decide to accept holy Baptism, and such people made themselves known during the meeting.

One of the elders said that he was providing his plot of land for the construction of an Orthodox church and a parish house. After conferring, we decided to name the first missionary parish of the Russian Orthodox Church in Tanzania in honor of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Prince Volodymyr, the Baptist of Rus, asking for his prayers in the matter of converting to Holy Orthodoxy and baptizing the Masai people. At the end of the meeting, a group of young Masai approached Archpriest Andrei and those who accompanied him and said twice: “Welcome to our land.”

Together with the fathers, we stopped near the church, which belongs to the Patriarchate of Alexandria and in which Father Elijah had been serving. He showed a new motorcycle, which only a week ago had been sent to him as a gift by the local Greek diocese, which was suddenly inflamed with attention and love for the needs of the priest. Fathers jokingly took pictures on this motorcycle. Without making a single trip, this motorcycle, right in the packaging film, will be returned to the Patriarchate of Alexandria. “Thank you, I have already decided on the Church, and my choice is not for sale.”

Earlier it was reported that the Zaporizhzhya diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church had sent assistance to the Orthodox in Tanzania.

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