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The Synod of “the OCU” confirmed the split in its structure

On February 2, a meeting of the “Holy Synod of the OCU” was held, at which the latest actions of Filaret Denisenko and his associates were considered. We are talking about the “ordinations” that Filaret carried out together with some former “hierarchs” of the “Kyiv Patriarchate”, as well as the admission of Greek Old Calendarists to the “UOC-KP”:

“All persons who, in violation of the canons and the Charter of the Church, without being elected by the Holy Synod and without the blessing of the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, since June 2019, have been named as Bishops by Philaret (Denisenko), in fact, do not have hierarchical ordination and rank, and therefore for robber assignment of hierarchal titles and powers and other actions aimed at provoking divisions in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (meaning “OCU” – ed.), these persons are subject to ecclesiastical court and deprivation of the priesthood.”

Reading the wording of the “Synod of the OCU”, one cannot help smiling, since they are all mirror image applicable to the representatives of the “OCU” themselves. Weren’t all their titles assigned in a “robber” manner without the consent of the Synod of the UOC? Were they not ordained by the disempowered Filaret Denisenko?

Probably, feeling that by condemning Filaret, they would condemn themselves, the OCU synodals decided not to touch their founding father and decided to forgive him “at the very least”, “without applying more stringent measures of canonical response to the violations committed by him.”

But his associates – “Metropolitan of Belgorod and Oboyan” Ioasaf (Shibaev), “Bishop of Belgorod-Dnistrovsky” Filaret (Panku) and “Bishop of Valuyki” Peter (Moskalev) – were not spared and were summoned to court on charges according to which they are subject to eruption from dignity.

Also, the OCU disowned the Greek Old Calendarists, accepted into communion by Filaret, and decided to turn to the Synod of the Greek Church with a request to excommunicate them from the Church. That is, the imposition of anathema.

Strange logic. After all, if Filaret is a legitimate hierarch, from the point of view of the OCU, then on what grounds should those who entered into communication with him be punished? Moreover, Filaret himself was, in fact, not punished in any way for his actions.

In any case, there is a split in the OCU. No matter how much the representatives of this structure deny the internal split, now it is officially confirmed by them themselves.


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