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The OCU “experts” have not read the news and “exposed Romfea in lies”

The website “Spiritual Front of Ukraine”, which is close to the OCU, attempted to “expose a lie” of one of the largest Greek-speaking church resources Romfea, which was the first to announce the appointment of his “exarch” to Greece by “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko.

“The Greek-language pro-Russian resource “Romfea” is again seen in a lie on church topics. This time, this site took something for granted that Honorary Patriarch Filaret appointed the schismatic Avxentius (Marines) “the Patriarchal Exarch in Athens, with the task of dealing with the Ukrainian diaspora in Greece.” The article was published on “Romfea” on January 25, it contains a screenshot of the document of the liquidated “UOC-KP”. True, in the document itself there is not a word about Filaret’s appointment of an exarch in Greece, about the Ukrainian diaspora in Greece or about Athens,” the “Spiritual Front” “exposes” the authors of this news.

It should be noted that in the news of January 25, 2022, the editors of Romfea actually used the wrong document: the decree of Filaret № 3, published by the website, refers to the change in the title of the Greek Old Calendarist Avxentius Marines accepted into the Kyiv Patriarchate. However, this decree, as well as the decree on the appointment of Marines as the exarch to Greece, was not published anywhere on the open resources of the UOC-KP, which leads to the conclusion: the Greek publication mistakenly “pulled” into publication the wrong Ukrainian-language file that did not correspond to the headline of the news.

At the same time, a little later, a copy of Filaret’s decree, also issued on January 24, but with № 5, was posted on Filaret’s supporter group on Facebook – it already refers to the fact that Marines was appointed as the exarch of the UOC-KP in Greece, published on Romfea. After the publication of the document on Raskolam.net, there were no rebuttals regarding the origin of the decree.

We publish the document not found by the “OCU experts” again.

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