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The OCU activist asks to be admitted to the UOC-KP, – social networks

The infamous “archpriest” of the OCU Petro Zinich, who frightened the fans of Volodymyr Zelensky with “burning in hell”, came to congratulate Filaret Denisenko on his birthday at the Volodymyr Cathedral in Kyiv. This was reported on the page “For the Ukrainian Church“.

“A couple of years ago, he served in the Volodymyr Cathedral, and then abruptly took the side of Metropolitan Epiphany Dumenko in a conflict with Patriarch Filaret and left with the words: “I will recruit the ATO soldiers and throw out the old senile from the cathedral.”

This is not the first arrival of the prodigal son in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate after the demarche. They say that he even tearfully asks to return back, curses on what the world “the youth in the leadership of the OCU, which leads everything to collapse”, “I taught them, but they are dumb”, scolds tomos, Greeks and the pro-LGBT course of the metropolis with strong words…

Fact is fact: the rats ate the false tomos and are escaping from the OCU. This denomination is a broken boat, driven by a stupid, inexperienced captain, and no one wants to row. And it’s full of water. And there has been no storm yet…” the authors of the page write.

As for the reasons for Zinich’s return to Filaret, it lies in the fact that he hoped to return in a few days as a rector of his Cathedral.

“But fate decreed otherwise. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky did not aggravate the inter-religious conflict, and the special services refused to Epiphany Dumenko and his entourage in a request to help seize the cathedral by force. Because it would be a completely lawless act, because the cathedral community clearly expressed that it remains in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate, and according to the law, only the community determines its confessional affiliation.

In addition, the head of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, issued a so far unpublished decree that Petro, but Landvitovich, not Zinich, would be the rector of the Volodymyr Cathedral if it was captured by the Greek metropolis of the OCU.

Petro Landvitovich is such a rogue priest surrounded by Epiphany, who has established corrupt ties with the leadership of the city of Kyiv since the time of Leonid Chernovetsky.

In addition, it would be too much to appoint Petro Zinich, who sent all Zelensky’s supporters to hell, as rector of the cathedral, under the latter’s presidency. Yermak will not understand…

The point is also that the young leadership of the OCU in the person of Epiphany Dumenko and Yevstratiy Zoryai are well aware of the value of Zinich and do not perceive him for his love of money, shamelessness and innate swindle. Among themselves, they laugh at how he once played the role of the confessor of President Viktor Yushchenko, “appointed” ministers, generals, governors, and then “taught to pray” Poroshenko’s business partner and the head of a brewery with Russian capital, Andrei Matsola.

The situation became more complicated for our Petro Zinich, also because father was kicked out of teaching at the KOTA, where he was listed as a “professor” for many years. The rector of the theological academy, Archpriest Alexander Trofimlyuk, was also banned from serving, tired of the impudence and tricks of Zinich.

Therefore, the maximum that our ambitious father Peter learned from Filaret’s betrayal was to be an ordinary and useless priest in St. Michael’s Cathedral.

So, our archpriest, instead of managing the metropolis of the OCU, being the rector of the main cathedral, found himself near a broken trough and now decided again, as if nothing had happened, to trample the path to the Volodymyr Cathedral, but all the last somersaults of the respectable archpriest turned him into a ridiculous intriguer who is not needed either in the OCU or in the UOC-KP,” the publication sums up.

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