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Mass media stir up a smear campaign accusing the UOC of disrupting vaccination

Despite the obvious evidence that the UOC does not agitate believers against vaccination, and even opened vaccination centers at churches in a number of dioceses, the media continue accusations of anti-vaccination activities. Liga.net even called the UOC “a powerful channel for supporting anti-vaccination hysteria in Ukraine”.

“Organizations associated with the UOC-MP and the” Orthodox oligarchs “Vadim Novinsky and Viktor Vishnevetsky took part in the largest anti-vaccination campaign in Kiev on November 3. The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra actually acted as a base for the protesters. Through the structures of the Moscow Patriarchate, other actions are being coordinated and anti-vaccination campaigning is spreading, ”the newspaper writes.

In support of its words, the publication quotes “expert” Dmitry Gorevoy, an ideological opponent of the UOC and a propagandist of the OCU, who was dismissed from the post of head of the department of religions and nationalities of the Lviv regional state administration.

Earlier, we have already written about the slanderous accusations against the UOC by the authorities about campaigning against vaccination and the real position of the Church.

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