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“Hierarch” of the OCU spoke about the sad prospects of recognition by the Romanian Church

The “Archbishop” of the OCU Nestor Pysyk, who was in the Phanar at the celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary of the patriarchal service of Bartholomew, had the opportunity to talk with the hierarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Nifont of Trigovisht, writes RISU.

“Yes, we managed to communicate after the service and then during the festive meal. The main topic was really the question of the recognition of our Church. There was no aggression or resistance on the part of Metropolitan Nifont – an ordinary conversation … I noted that until mass transfers of parishes begin, it will look like half of the population of Ukraine is pro-Russian. It was not said directly, but it is clear that because of Ukraine they do not want to quarrel with Russia until they see real steps towards the unification of the Churches in our country. That is, until our Church in Ukraine becomes several times larger than the Russian one,” the “archbishop” noted.

The representative of the OCU noted that the “transition” of communities has now stopped and one should not expect that it will soon revive. “Considering the indifference of a large part of the people, it’s not soon. After all, the majority of those who are still parishioners of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia understand well that this is the Russian Church. Even dozens of transitions in individual dioceses are a drop on the scale of Ukraine,” they complain to the OCU.

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