Resumption of UOC trips to Athos – an own goal?

The resumption of trips of the UOC to Mount Athos amid the severance of Eucharistic communion with the Phanar, as well as the impossibility for believers to participate in divine services in the churches of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, comments on Pravblog.

“The program prescribes visits to a number of monasteries that fully or partially support the OCU. Moreover, in one of them – Ivirion – the participation of pilgrims in the divine service is even assumed (recall that on February 28, 2019, at the meeting of Kinot, representatives of Ivirion and Kutlumush announced that it was time to admit representatives of the “OCU” to the Holy Mountain, since this is prescribed by the patriarch Bartholomew).

How to take it? It’s hard to say yet. It is possible that behind all this there is a desire to keep in touch with those monasteries on Mount Athos that are opposed to the recognition of the OCU.

However, if this is so, then why are there monasteries on the list that accept schismatics? Why are you planning to attend the service in Iviron? What if there will be representatives of the “OCU”? Will we get a “joint” service? And there are many such questions, ”the Telegram channel writes.

Earlier, the Pilgrimage Center of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church announced that it is resuming trips to Holy Mount Athos.

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