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The brethren of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra appealed to the imprisoned Metropolitan Pavel

The brethren of Lavra wrote an appeal to Metropolitan Pavel in the pre-trial detention center.

In the letter the monks expressed the fact that Metropolitan Pavel has been running the Holy Kiev-Pechersk Monastery for thirty years and every monk can testify that he is “a true Shepherd and zealous servant of the Church”.

The address notes the simplicity in communication, sincere care, mercy, indulgence, the necessary measure of paternal strictness of the bishop.

“In order to understand what a caring and thoughtful host you are, it is not even necessary to know you personally – it is enough just to come to the Holy Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and see everything with your own eyes. The work of your hands is in every part of our monastery, which you have so lovingly and sacrificially revived and beautified”, – notes the brethren.

According to the monks, the religious problem in Ukraine has a multifaceted and long-standing nature, but its causes are “definitely not related in any way to the life and activities of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and its inhabitants, for whom the only task of their lives is to pray for the whole world and humbly work for the good of our people”.

“Therefore, we are doubly offended and completely incomprehensible, why exactly in our address all the claims and unfair accusations are addressed. Why our Vicar, who has always been a faithful son of his people, a diligent worker in the field of Christ, is unjustly accused of all mortal sins and crimes. We leave it to the judgment of God and believe in His almighty help and mercy,” the appeal said.

“Dear Bishop, you have always taught us to place all our hope in the Lord, His Most Pure Mother and our holy intercessors, the Venerable Fathers of Kiev-Pechersk. May the Lord strengthen you, today not only our whole Church, but the whole world is looking at you. We ask for your holy prayers and we are waiting for your speedy return to your native monastery. We believe in the triumph of justice and God’s truth,” the brethren wrote to Metropolitan Pavel.

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