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Tucker Carlson was condemned for criticizing the persecution of the UOC

Representatives of the US organization PAC (“Public Affairs Committee”) have accused former Fox News host Tucker Carlson of making “absurd” claims about the persecution of UOC believers in Ukraine, Newsweek has reported.

PAC said it was “deeply concerned” that media personalities like Carlson “continue to spread Russian propaganda about the so-called persecution of Christians in Ukraine.”

PAC said Carlson misrepresents the religious controversy unfolding in Ukraine in parallel with the war launched by Russia.

“Carlson, who has little or no understanding of the complexities of Ukraine’s religious reality, is only fueling more divisions with his nonsensical statements,” PAC said.

The organization also added that “the dispute within the Orthodox Church in Ukraine caused by the war can be resolved” by “integrating the UOC, which has separated from Moscow, with the Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine (with the OCU, – Ed.).”

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  • Хоть кто-то в пендостане трезво мыслит!

  • Ілля Юрченко
    Thursday July 20th, 2023 12:49 PM

    Та США взагалі не повинні були вмішуваттся у справи української релігії, навіщо їм це? Хай будують та укріплюють відносини між Мексикою та Канадою, це їх головне завдання , щоб у них не було на континенті як у нас де РФ та країни Европи пересварилися , та наробили багато лиха у 1940-1945 р.р.


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