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Seminary of the UOC-KP in Europe will start working in November

The European Deanery of the UOC-KP announced the recruitment of candidates for study at the newly formed theological educational institution. This was reported on its Facebook page.

“In connection with the urgent need for clergy to take care of believers in Europe who were forced to leave Ukraine, we are opening a theological educational institution/seminary to provide elementary education and prepare future ministers of the Church: choristers, altar servers, psalmists, clergymen. We announce the start of the recruitment of candidates for the first winter semester, which we hope to start in November 2022.

All teachers with a recognized theological education of Degrees of Theology and with many years of church experience,” the announcement reads.

Lectures will be held mainly remotely via videoconferencing in Ukrainian, German and English, while practical hours for services and tests will be held in Cologne. In the future, it is possible to continue studying at the ecumenical faculties of German educational institutions that are recognized at the state level, Filaret’s representative office in the EU notes.

Earlier it was reported that the head of the deanery of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Europe serves in many German cities and towns on major holidays.

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