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All this is strange and disturbing, – the hierarch of the ROC about experiments with passes on QR codes

Tomorrow, the experiment on “COVID-free restaurants” comes into force.

I will not now return in detail to the opinion I have repeatedly expressed that vaccination should be voluntary without segregation of those who have not been vaccinated. Obviously, today such opinions are no longer taken into account.

As before, I will clarify that I consider it right and necessary to be vaccinated, and I myself am going to.

But here’s what is remarkable: until relatively recently, it was said that those who have antibodies after an illness can be vaccinated, but there is no need for this (in fact, that’s why I haven’t vaccinated yet). Today, the discourse is changing.

In the declared experiment of “covid-free restaurants”, it is assumed that admission (formally without time limits, but I will assume that de facto a round-the-clock regime can be introduced in other taverns) will be possible only upon receipt of a QR code from the State Services about vaccination. That is, for example, the presence of antibodies naturally formed after the disease is not taken into account (although the results of the relevant analyzes are also included in the EMIAS). And vice versa: access is possible if the vaccine is delivered, even if antibodies have not yet formed.

That is, segregation takes place not even on the basis of the presence or absence of immunity, but on the formal basis of undergoing a medical procedure, regardless of the result.

And in a very short time, a decision is made that immunity formed for natural reasons is worse than deliberately induced.

All of this… is somewhat strange and unsettling.

Bishop Savva (Tutunov)

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