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The OCU propagandists continue to “teach” the largest Greek-language resource Romfea

The scandalous website of the “experts” of the OCU “Spiritual Front of Ukraine” received a response to its accusations against the largest Greek-language church resource Romfea, but the editors of the “Front” did not draw the appropriate conclusions and continued to publish their author’s calculations. This time, the “Spiritual Front” incomprehensibly stated that Romfea referred to the Facebook group as a source of information.

It is, as previously reported, that Romfea was the first, back on January 25, 2022, to publish data on the appointment of his exarch to Greece by “Patriarch” Filaret. However, the Greek edition did not attach a copy of the corresponding decree of Filaret.

This decree was made public a day later, on January 26, in one of Filaret’s supporters groups on Facebook.

That is, Romfea could not in any way refer to a group on a social network as a source of information, unless she had a time machine at her disposal. The editors indeed published their own information received from the UOC-KP, which was later confirmed by other sources, as reported on Raskolam.net.

Recall that after the publication of the “experts” who accused Romfea of ​​spreading a fake, the Greek editorial office said that it would not sue the fake website itself.

In order to stop the creative search for “experts” of the “Spiritual Front of Ukraine”, Raskolam.net invites colleagues not to amuse the Ukrainian and Greek audiences further, but to ask for a comment on the appointment of an exarch to Greece directly to the head of the restored “Kyiv Patriarchate” Filaret Denisenko at the address: Kyiv, st. Pushkinska, 36, telephone 044 270 6893, mail [email protected].

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