Scandal between the Greek and Cypriot Churches

The Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church appealed to the Synod of the Cypriot Orthodox Church with “an expression of strong dissatisfaction” with the position and sermons of Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphia. The Church of Greece even threatened the Cypriots with “the danger of destroying relations” if they fail to reason with Metropolitan Neophytos.

The reason for the scandal (and the last straw, as stated in the letter to the Synod of the Church of Cyprus) was the statements of Metropolitan Neophytos regarding vaccination. As you know, Vladyka is a categorical opponent of the vaccine, and believes that those who are “for” it are playing by the rules of the “world government.” Moreover, in one of his last messages, he generally stated that Orthodox Christians should not take the vaccine. In his opinion, “the champions of the New World Order are paving the way for a new era of high technologies without morality, without virtue, without the God-man Jesus Christ,” to which Christians have no right to join.

“Do you know that the goal of the” new Erovites “is to reduce the population of the Earth to 700 million people? Do you know that vaccination is one of the ways to reduce the population by causing death, incurable diseases and sterilization of the younger generation? ”, – asks the Metropolitan of Morphs of Orthodox Christians.

Naturally, his position is fundamentally at odds with the position of the Synod of the Church of Greece, which believes that vaccination is “not a matter of faith,” and also, with the position of the overwhelming majority of Greek hierarchs who advocate vaccination.

So, the EOC sent a letter to the Synod of the Church of Cyprus, which was read by Archbishop Chrysostom in the presence of members of the synod (including the presence of Metropolitan Morphi).

The hierarchs of the EOC asked to “limit” the sermons of Metropolitan Neophyte, since “when people die next to us from a pandemic, the hierarch cannot declare that the coronavirus does not exist.”

Archbishop Chrysostom, after reading the letter, called on the Metropolitan of Morphus “to respect the desire of the Holy Synod of the Greek Church and to stop specific sermons.”

In turn, Metropolitan Neophyte replied that he had said everything he wanted to say on this issue (vaccination), and added that he would not return to him until Christmas.

But, this incident was not over. The believing Greeks initiated the collection of signatures in defense of Metropolitan Neophytos, whom they compare with St. Maximus the Confessor and Mark of Ephesus. According to them, Metropolitan Neophyte is “a modern fighter for Orthodoxy.”

“And just as in the past Saint Mark of Ephesus refused to submit to the Pope of Rome and sign the union of Ferrara and Florence, so today the Bishop of Morphus courageously and courageously, among the few bishops and clergy in the Greek Orthodox Church and Cyprus, opposes the heretical views, which began to obey the majority of the bishops of the Church Greece and Cyprus “.

To date, a petition in defense of Metropolitan Morphs has already been signed by about 6,000 people, which, given the fact that it appeared only yesterday, is not so little.

In a word, the synod of the Greek Church, declaring that “a vaccine is not an object of faith,” demands that the metropolitan of the other Church stop his sermons that do not agree with this position. The situation, frankly speaking, is unique, and we will follow its development.


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