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Granting autocephaly to the “Kyiv Patriarchate” is impossible – a representative of the Polish Orthodox Church

Orthodox media in Ukraine talk about the attitude of the Polish Orthodox Church to the attempts of the “Kyiv Patriarchate” to obtain the status of an autocephalous Church.

Archbishop Georgy of Wroclaw and Szczecin, while on a visit to Uhryniv, noted: “The fact that the Kyiv Patriarchate is trying to create a European Exarchate under the slogan of its pseudo-jurisdiction is a sad fact. “UOC-KP” is not recognized by any Local Church, and we must remember this. The status of the truth and canonicity of Orthodoxy consists precisely in the fact that it is recognized by other Orthodox Churches. All Churches recognize the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the leadership of His Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Onuphry as an autonomous Church with wide rights.

In Poland, nowadays, there have been recorded some episodes associated with the visits of the so-called hierarchs of the so-called “Kyiv Patriarchate”. They visited places that had been excommunicated from the canonical Orthodox Church in Poland, for example, the so-called monastery in Ujkovice. They met with the Greek catholics. But, both in our country and in other Local Churches, their presence and actions are not recognized by any Orthodox Local Church.”

The Polish bishop does not believe that Patriarch Bartholomew will grant autocephaly to the “Kyiv Patriarchate”. “I’m sure it’s impossible,” said a representative of the Polish Orthodox Church. – Of course, I have no right to voice everything that was discussed in personal conversations with representatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. But I can note that, having repeatedly talked with the hierarchs, even with the Patriarch himself, I have never heard such statements from them. I had the opportunity to participate the preparation of the Council in Crete, as well as in many other conferences and commissions, where this issue was discussed in the format of personal conversations. All Orthodox Christians are convinced that the granting of autocephaly to the so-called “Kyiv Patriarchate” is not only impossible, it is unacceptable for the Orthodox Church. After all, we are dealing with a very serious schism, the sin of excommunication from the Church, with the violation of the canons of the Orthodox Church.”

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