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“Theology in the OCU”: Zizioulas, Kovalenko, Govorun and Dudchenko

A strange rating of “outstanding theologians” has appeared. The authors refer to the opinion of allegedly students of the Kyiv Orthodox Theological Academy of the OCU. True, it is not specified what kind of poll it was.

If this rating is true, then the situation in the OCU with theology is absolutely catastrophic. To obscene!

This means that the rector of the Academy, Archpriest Alexander Trofimlyuk, is not a theologian. Moreover, he needs it, as they say, according to his position. The main red-haired yap of the OCU, Yevstratiy Zorya, who has already sprinkled all the corners of the Phanar, is not a theologian.

And the most terrible and tragic thing for the Metropolis, as it turns out, is that the head of the OCU himself, Epiphany Dumenko, is not a theologian!

In general, we had no illusions in this, but we did not expect that the representatives of the OCU themselves would compile such a rating and thus publicly whip their fellows.

It turns out that the leadership of the OCU is only stupids. Then how can this Greek metropolis exist and develop? Exclusively due to installations and directions from Istanbul? It turns out that the OCU is not an autocephalous Church, and the tomos can be shoved into the one who brought it…


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