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The head of the OCU compared the UOC with Islamist terrorists

On the air of ICTV, Epifaniy Dumenko compared the UOC with French Islamist terrorists. He also expressed the hope that the people’s deputies would soon adopt a bill to ban the UOC, the press service of the OCU reports.

Dumenko believes that the ban on the UOC will concern “direct connection and influence on those who want to be deceived to a greater extent. That is, they do not deny this connection and want to continue to be part of the Moscow Patriarchate.” And therefore, this will not be considered a ban on religion, because, according to him, “in Ukraine there is complete freedom of religion.”

“This happened in France after the terrorist attacks, when Islamic organizations were forbidden to maintain contact with Islamic countries,” said the head of the OCU.

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  • ⁴⁴ ибо всякое дерево познаётся по плоду своему, потому что не собирают смокв с терновника и не снимают винограда с кустарника. Луки 6:44
    Что-то может быть полезное от ПЦУ?


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