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The OCU stated that they have more than 80 monasteries, but the number of monks was not indicated

The OCU boasted of its achievements over the five years since the so-called “unification” council. This was reported on the official page of this structure on Facebook.

“Our Church is steadily growing, affirming and strengthening. Now, five years after the Unification Council, and after all the challenges that have confronted us during this time, and still arise, we can clearly and confidently say that what was accomplished in 2018 the unification of the three branches of Ukrainian Orthodoxy into a single local Orthodox Church of Ukraine was a manifestation of the Providence of God and concern for Ukraine and its God-loving people,” the publication says.

The OCU noted that today they have “45 dioceses, which in Ukraine unite about 8500 communities and more than 80 male and female monasteries”, as well as “9 institutions of higher spiritual education”, in which more than 1200 students allegedly study, 5500 ” clerics” and 61 “bishops”. However, the number of monks was not indicated.

“According to all these indicators, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, even in the conditions of the abnormal existence in Ukraine of the non-canonical jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate, remains one of the largest Local Churches. Also, according to polls, in terms of the level of self-identification of our fellow citizens and public trust, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine has been and remains the largest religious association in our state,” the OCU said.

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  • “огласите весь список, пжалста”

  • Ілля Юрченко
    Thursday August 3rd, 2023 05:32 PM

    У ПЦУ один монах, є це Євстратій Зоря, кувалдою вибиває двері у Собор, от це так сила , у Чернігівській області де він був епископом є у них монастир , у якому ніхто нічого не робить, а тут на готовоє і кувалда знайшлася , Господи прости та помилуй


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