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Bartholomew faces responsibility for crisis in Orthodoxy – Greek priest

Priest and theologian of the Hellenic Orthodox Church Anastasios Gottsopoulos believes that it is Patriarch Bartholomew who is to blame for the crisis of Orthodoxy. About it writes the publication “Romfeya”.

According to the theologian, during the preparation for the Cretan Council of 2016, Bartholomew clearly stated that only the UOC is the canonical Church of Ukraine, and its Primate can be considered exclusively Metropolitan Onufry.

But already after the council, the patriarch radically changed his opinion, as he recognized Ukrainian schismatics and lifted the anathema against Mykhailo Denisenko.

“Reading with due attention the opinions of the Primates (at the pre-council meeting in Chambesy – Ed.), everyone can draw his own conclusions about who bears, if not exclusive, then at least the main responsibility before God, universal Orthodoxy and History for the serious crisis in Orthodox relations and the breakdown of pan-Orthodox unity,” wrote Anastasios Gottsopoulos.

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