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Metropolitan Eugene: The Estonian Church has become a victim of a political provocation

The Estonian Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded the head of the Estonian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Eugene, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation, that any support for Russian aggression in the war with Ukraine will become a “red line”. On Sunday, February 5, the publication EER.ee reported.

It is also noted that Metropolitan Eugene was summoned for an interview at the Ministry of Internal Affairs due to the fact that he was going to hold a “Prayer for Peace” two days before the anniversary of Russia’s attack on Ukraine. At the same time, it was assumed that representatives of the pro-Russian political forces of Estonia would take part in the prayer service.

Vice-Chancellor of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Raivo Kuyt told reporters that the topics of the conversation with the metropolitan were “red lines”, which the ministry considers “any verbal or non-verbal support for Russian aggression against Ukraine” and elements of “political agitation by religious organizations.”

It is known that after a conversation in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the head of the EOC decided to cancel the prayer service and made a statement that “the church became a victim of a political provocation.”

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