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“Drabinko is positioned as an intelligent bishop – but here is the video”

On the one hand, the enemies of the Church are shouting that the UOC is about to unite with the OCU, and that everything is moving towards this. On the other hand, the enemies of the Church claim that the UOC does nothing to merge with the OCU. And only the opinion of the believers of the UOC is not asked. Therefore, we will answer ourselves.

The OCU is a structure whose representatives use force to seize churches, whose hierarchs allow themselves to beat women (remember Adrian Kulyk), or swear while talking to people. As Alexander Drabinko does in this video. So, it seems, the issue of unity with the OCU is the issue of changes that should occur in this structure. Without it, there will be no dialogue.

About video. Drabinko is positioned as an intelligent and educated bishop. But now, he’s talking to women in the library, and… No, he’s not preaching the gospel, but something completely different.

Caution, not normative vocabulary! It was about the seizure of the temple, and the Orthodox minister saved church utensils from desecration. This, apparently, caused such a reaction to Drabinko, writes The 1st Cossack.

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