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  5. The Fanar`s parish in Hanover pretends to be the “Kyiv Patriarchate” and the “OCU” at the same time

The Fanar`s parish in Hanover pretends to be the “Kyiv Patriarchate” and the “OCU” at the same time

The OCU has no jurisdiction in the diaspora, but tries to have it by resorting to speculation. This was stated by the head of the European Deanery of the UOC-KP Volodymyr Chaika on Facebook.

“In Europe, for example, we have several parishes and former priests who pretend to be parishes belonging to the PCU. But they no longer belong to us… But we not only do have such self-proclaimed PCU societies, unfortunately there are also those that were admitted to the Patriarchate of Constantinople (Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the Diaspora headed by Metropolitan Anthony and Archbishop Daniel Zelinsky, responsible for Europe, who is in the United States).

Such a parish in Hanover, for example, is resorting to incredible tricks. I enclose screenshots from which you can see. The fact that the parish still calls itself the parish of the Kyiv Patriarchate is obvious in order to intercept those Ukrainians who want to belong to the Kyiv Patriarchate. At the same time, the parish designates its bishop (managing bishop), Archbishop Daniel Zelinsky (the UOC in the Diaspora of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the United States). Obviously, to declare its full canonicity. However, he also calls himself a parish of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, pointing to Metropolitan Epiphany (the OCU) as his head, apparently to create the impression of belonging to Kyiv for Ukrainians coming from Ukraine. So all three jurisdictions – in one fell swoop and here we have a kind of hybrid of various deceptions.

I think that it is not appropriate for Christians from Greece or Turkey, especially given the situation of the war against Ukraine, to try to “privatize” Ukrainians in the diaspora in this way,” said Volodymyr Chaika.

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