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Fifty young Africans were baptized into Orthodoxy in Uganda

49 Africans, mostly children and youth, have joined the Orthodox Church in Kiti village, Kasangati municipality in Uganda. The baptism took place in the church of Agios Anargyros (Holy Unmercenaries), immediately after the Sunday Divine Liturgy, on January 16, 2022, Pravlife writes.

Priest George Lule (Patriarchate of Alexandria), ordained in 2019, takes care of the parish in Kiti.

The participation in the Sacrament of a large number of young Ugandans testifies to the success of the Orthodox mission with an emphasis on work with youth – the future of the Church.

According to pravoslavie.ru, most of the children who are taken care of by the Orthodox Church in this African country are orphans. There are countless of them in Uganda. Parents die during endless military conflicts and from AIDS, leaving ten to fifteen children. Of the two million Ugandan orphans, 1.2 million lost their parents precisely because of this disease.

Often, it is Orthodox priests who involve orphans in parish life and take care of them in the future. Left without parents, young Ugandans can study for free, receive food and clothing. Some of them are then sent to a seminary or given a scholarship to study at a university.

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