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How the Office of the President rules the OCU

Yermak rules the OCU. As our sources in the Metropolis of the OCU inform, Epiphany Dumenko found a reason not to go on Monday to meet Petro Poroshenko at the airport, not to defend the gray-haired tomos-bearer. Everything can be attributed to Covid now.

Last week, Poroshenko’s headquarters fought like a fish on ice to involve Epifaniy in rescuing the beneficiary of the OCU. Nothing happened. Epiphany, through Yevstratiy Zarya, has long been cooperating with the head of the President’s Office, Andriy Yermak.

According to our information, Poroshenko was terribly furious that he was thrown by the leadership of the OCU, a stream of obscene language from Pyotr Alekseevich poured out at Epiphany (f*ck you was the most literary word there), and Matsola, who was looking after the metropolia, got nuts. Poroshenko gave the order to return the debts.

The fact remains: Epiphanius declared to the whole world that he has the Crown and he will not leave anywhere. Poroshenko has a chance to be arrested without spiritual support and protection.

Of course, one can only sympathize with Pyotr Alekseevich: he ran into what he fought for. Poroshenko supported Epiphany in every possible way so that he would betray his spiritual father, Patriarch Filaret, and now Dumenko has thrown him too. Who would doubt that!

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