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Patriarchate of Alexandria: We face an immoral blow from the Orthodox Russians

The Patriarchate of Alexandria, after the completion of its working sessions, issued an announcement. During its sessions, “the immoral invasion and intrusion of the Russian Church was the main subject of discussion”, orthodoxtimes informs.

As the Patriarchate of Alexandria pointed out, “for the last two years, due to the recognition by Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria, of the Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, we have suddenly faced the immoral invasion and intrusion of the Russian Church through non-canonical and indecent methods to ecclesiastical practice and tradition, which was respected by all the predecessors of Patriarch Cyril”.

The Patriarchate of Alexandria emphasized that the ROC essentially “acquired” clergy of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, in retaliation and consequently blackmail or revenge and that “the creation of an Exarchate by Russia within the areas of jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Alexandria is non-canonical and statements on this issue in favor of the Russian side have been made by clergy who have either removed themselves or are of unknown origin, who identify themselves as Orthodox but never belonged to the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

Also, the Patriarchate spoke of an attempt to alter Orthodox Ecclesiology, “for spiteful reasons, infected with the virus of ethnocentrism, which was condemned by the Synod of 1872”, “these decisions of the Russian Patriarchate even refer to “parameters of neo-colonialism” and “claim to world supremacy” that do not agree with the Orthodox tradition”.

The Patriarchate Alexandria decided “to inform both the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the local Church through Patriarchal letters, which will describe the actions of the Russian Church, while applying faithfully and directly what is provided by the rules of ecclesiastical punishment, to offenders”.

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