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Propaganda “analytics” of the OCU

I congratulate you, citizen who lied!

Some resources close to the “OCU” very actively dispersed the “sensation” – allegedly “many” Local Churches did not congratulate Patriarch Kirill on his 75th birthday (a separate irony is the fact that the supporters of the schismatics placed the Dumenko organization in the list of the corresponding Churches) …

In particular, a separate emphasis was made on the fact that the Georgians kept silent. Moreover, around this “fact” some guesses and scenarios were even built about the “recognition” of “OCU” by the Georgian Church.

However, the “override” did not last very long. It turned out that the GOC congratulated the Patriarch of Moscow.

Thus, once again attesting to the propaganda and openly manipulative nature of the messages / “analytics” that comes from resources close to the Ukrainian schismatics.


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