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Hierarch of the Church of Greece: “I am not a prosecutor or a policeman”

The hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church continue to criticize the “quarantine measures” taken by the Greek authorities. In particular, Metropolitan Simeon (Voliotis) of Phthiotides is not a supporter of the requirement to check the vaccination status of parishioners, according to Orthodoxianewsagency.

“I am not a policeman, not an investigator, not a public prosecutor. I am a spiritual father and with love and conviction I try to inspire them on the right path … Violence is the prerogative of the state, not the Church of love. We cannot impose sanctions, penalties, fines, or executions. ”

Also, Metropolitan Seraphim of Kythyr and Antikythera emphasized that such a practice contradicts the tradition of all twenty centuries of Christianity and the existence of the Church.

As previously reported, the press secretary of the Holy Union of Greek Clergy Giorgi Constantinou told the media that “the Church does not object to the decision of the authorities, I think that all the priests do.”

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