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Are preparations for the union in full swing?

Pope Francis will visit Greece and Cyprus in December. At the same time, the Vatican’s press service specifies that the pontiff will travel to the mentioned countries at the invitation of not only secular, but also church authorities, writes Pravblog.

“Taking into account the recent trends in the sphere of interaction between the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the RCC, as well as the fact that the leadership of the Greek and Cypriot Churches supported the schism of world Orthodoxy initiated by the Phanar, it can be assumed that the initial stage of the union (starting point – 2025) will imply a merger with the Catholics of the “Greek part” of the Orthodox world.

In principle, there is nothing surprising in this. After the EPTs and KPTs harshly trampled on the foundations of the faith, agreeing to the legalization of the schismatic structure, nothing prevents them from trampling them again. Now on the issue of restoring full communion with Catholics and uniting with them in one format or another.

It should be noted that Patriarch Bartholomew is also planning to visit Athens in the near future, ”writes the Telegram channel.

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