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The Primate of the Albanian Church is 92!

Today the Archbishop of Tirana, Dyrrhachia and the whole of Albania Anastasius is 92 years old.

This is reported by orthodoxianewsagency.

“This is a shepherd with an unshakable spiritual core, who is a strong personality and has magnificent plans, and all stages of his life are filled with serving his neighbor and the Church,” the authors note.

Archbishop Anastasius (in the world Anastasios Yannulatos, Greek Αναστάσιος Γιαννουλάτος, Alb. Anastas Janullatos; born November 4, 1929, Piraeus, Greece) – Bishop of the Albanian Orthodox Church, scientist-theologian, missionary, doctor of theology Honored Professor of the University of Athens, Academician of the Athens Academy of Sciences (2005; Corresponding Member 1993). Primate of the Albanian Orthodox Church.

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