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The Orthodox Church in Brno had to be guarded by the police

Due to a dispute between priests, the Orthodox Church of St. Wenceslas in Brno was guarded by police on 30 August. The priest Josef Feishak refused to leave the building of the church. He also did not allow Isaiah, the bishop of the Orthodox Church of the Czech lands and Slovakia, who was to take his post, who had arrived at the place.

Believers gathered around the church, who supported Feishak, calling him “the good shepherd.” The bishop, distrusted by the local believers, told the audience that Feishak “angered the church” and could not hold the office of a priest.

A message appeared on the parish website that “Father Joseph needs help,” and the church and the parish are “in danger.” Several dozen people responded to the call. Parishioners gathered around the church, speaking mainly Russian and Ukrainian. Many entered into controversy with the police, convincing them that the fate of the temple should be decided by the parish, not the bishop. They fear that the parish will be left without a priest and the church will be closed.

The situation around the Orthodox Church in Brno has long remained tense. In 2020, Josef Feishak was removed from his position as abbot and retained as auxiliary priest. The parish council complained that everything had happened without the knowledge of the parishioners. Bishop Isaiah has long expressed dissatisfaction with the priest.

The church will remain closed until the situation is resolved by the church synod. The meeting will take place in mid-September.

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