OCU organizes a “pilgrimage” to the liturgy of the head of the Phanar in Kiev

In Rivne, the OCU organizes free trips to Kiev to participate in the liturgy, which will be led by Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. The corresponding announcements appeared at the local Holy Resurrection Cathedral of the OCU, according to the UOJ.

The fact that the supporters of the OCU will be taken to the capital of Ukraine free of charge was repeatedly emphasized in the announcement.

“We invite you to a free pilgrimage tour to Kiev. The pilgrimage will take place on August 22, 2021. During the pilgrimage, we will take part in the Divine Liturgy, which will be led by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew. Free buses will be organized from the Holy Resurrection and Holy Intercession Cathedrals to the festive service, ”the announcement reads.

Sign up for the “pilgrimage” is offered at the box office of the cathedrals of the OCU.

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