Polonius and the “Novice” for the Procession: the ideas of Poroshenko’s experts

Economist Boris Kushniruk, who is a frequent guest on the channel of ex-President Petro Poroshenko “Pryamoy” and even participated in its primaries in 2019, offered to distribute polonium and “Novichok” to the participants of the procession in Kiev. It is reported by “Strana”.

Kushniruk shared his proposal on Facebook.

“Ze reproached Klitschko for not distributing water in the procession of the ROC believers in Ukraine. Maybe then immediately give them all the “best” from the “Russian world” – polonium, “Novichok?”, ”The economic expert asks.

As previously reported, another associate of the ex-guarantor, Yuri Biryukov, hinted at a “massacre with chainsaws” on the occasion of the procession of the UOC.

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