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“Opposition” in Georgia erupts “revelations” about the GOC because of its support for traditional values

“This is simply outrageous – the organized criminal group of the GOC has crossed all norms and boundaries.” This is how the “opposition” blogger Tengiz Ablotia formulated his “revelations” about the Georgian Orthodox Church, calling it a “mafia” and “an institution that has strangled Georgia for the last 1600 years.” The article is published by Echo of the Caucasus.

He accused the GOC of organizing protests against the LGBT parade, and at the same time of the economic crisis in the country. The GOC “practically officially organized and led the most shameful pogroms for the country, and politicians are still trying to bypass sharp corners and ignore that it is the patriarchy, and not a stupid and incompetent government, that is the main culprit of the absurdity in which the country has found itself in recent days,” – wrote the blogger.

“The Church has practically announced the beginning of a completely new era -“ after Elijah the Second ”. The patriarch, who has always been an ideal cover for the fascist essence of the GOC, is still alive, although not to say that he is very healthy, but in fact, decisions in this mafia group are already taken by others, ”Ablotia wrote.

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