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Hellenophyletism as a threat to Orthodoxy

The Khrisma Center presents a translation of the work of the Bulgarian church publicist Georgy Todorov “Hellenophyletism”. Using the example of the history of Greek-Bulgarian church relations, including the Council of Constantinople in 1872, the author shows to what destructive consequences for Orthodoxy in general and Greek Orthodoxy in particular ethnophyletism, that is, the exaltation of a particular nation in the Church, leads. The translation was prepared by Yanina Alekseeva (Bulgaria).

Georgy Todorov:

The last visit by Patriarch Bartholomew of Bulgaria in November 2015 opened up old wounds. The most scandalous was the arrogant edification of ethnophyletism. He opened this topic with his first florid word in the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky.

Phyletism (the domination of national egoism in the Church) is evil. But in condemning this evil, the patriarch must begin with himself and with the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Because the first, highest and most pernicious phyletism in history is Hellenophyletism, the desire of the Greek nation to seize power in the Church and abuse this power for the sake of imaginary Greek national interests.

For Bulgarians, the false council of 1872 was unfair. And not a single Greek dares to tell the truth on the issue, so as not to be “eaten” by other Greeks, as at one time Patriarch Cyril II of Jerusalem was “eaten”, who refused to sign the “conciliar” decisions of 1872. The Honored Patriarch valiantly left the false council and returned to Jerusalem. There, however, he is overthrown by a Hellenophyletic clergy.

The historical and theological study of phyletism has not yet been done. For nearly 150 years, we have been repeating theological nonsense that phyletism is an ecclesiological heresy that was “condemned in a conciliar manner.”

Chrizma Center

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