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“Archbishop” of the OCU urged to pray for Filaret and his “last temptation”

The speaker of the OCU “Archbishop” Yevstratiy Zorya asked to pray for the head of the UOC-KP Filaret Denisenko, “so that God would help him overcome temptations, in particular lust for power.” Zorya wrote about this on his Facebook.

“Appreciating the previous merits of the Honorary Patriarch to the Church, we must ask God to help the elder overcome this, perhaps the last one in his life, and therefore a heavy temptation is the temptation of revenge, lies and lust for power. So that he could find the strength to humble himself by taking part in the Unification Council, voting for the new Primate, congratulating him on his enthronement – so that he could find the strength to stop helping enemies in the fight against the Local Church and make peace with it, ”Zorya wrote.

The representative of the OCU compared Filaret to his deceased worker – Mother Varvara, who, in her old age, although she could no longer fulfill all her duties, did not want to take on a younger assistant, thinking that she would be removed from management.

“To calm the honored person, a nun was appointed to her, who patiently helped, but left the keys, drawing up documents and other formal signs of power to her. For although she was already physically unhealthy, Mother Varvara wanted to work until the very end as she had before. How did the Patriarch react to this? He frankly said that my mother had already lost her mind. But out of respect for her previous merits, everyone tolerated this situation. Now the Honorary Patriarch Filaret reminds Abbess Varvara in the last years of her life: he tries to hold on to the last formal signs of power. However, the Church is not the Patriarchate on Pushkinskaya, church affairs are not a household, and it is impossible for the sake of respect for the weakness of even a deserved person to pretend that she continues to remain Primate when another hierarch is conciliarly elected and enthroned, ”the archbishop’s note says.

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