The Greek Orthodox Church condemned the attack on the participants of the Synodal Court

The Holy Synod of the Greek Orthodox Church made a statement regarding the attack on the participants in the Synodal court in the Athenian monastery of Petraki. The members of the Synod condemned the attack, which killed ten people, and wished the victims to recover, writes Pravlife.

“The Holy Synod expresses its disgust at this unprecedented fact of the attack, especially because a former priest is involved, expresses sympathy for the wounded and wishes a speedy recovery of their health,” the statement said.

The Synod thanked the policeman who, despite the burns and personal danger, arrested the criminal, noted the quick response of the rescuers and the police, as well as the professionalism of the hospital staff where the victims were taken.

His Beatitude Archbishop Jerome II of Athens and All Hellas, for his part, declared the need to learn this lesson and noted that every bad experience should be taken as a reason to become better.

“Let’s reflect on where we are to blame, how much we are guilty, and try to fix what we are guilty of,” the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church commented on the incident.

On June 23, 2021, a Greek priest threw acid at the participants in the Synodal Court, who rejected his appeal against the decision of the first instance court to dispose of dignity. Seven metropolitans, a court clerk, a policeman and a lawyer received burns.

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