Archimandrite from the Phanar cursed most of the Orthodox Churches for supporting the UOC

The notorious propagandist of the Church of Constantinople, Archimandrite Romanos Anastasiades, reacted painfully to the congratulations of most of Orthodoxy to the Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine Onuphry and published a text on his Facebook in which he put a curse on those who recognize the title of His Beatitude.

As of the evening of June 26, the following entry remains on the Phanar cleric’s page:

“The curse of the Church of the Holy Great Christ of Christ not only on itself, the unrepentant uncanonical, pitiful traitor of his people and a stowaway passenger of the Church of Onuphry, but also on all those who continue to reproduce the title “Kyiv”, usurped, despite the decisions and explicit prohibitions of the Church.”

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