Information about the “riot in the KPBA” – an internal struggle in the management of the institution, – social networks

In the main educational institution of the OCU – KTOA, the rat struggle for cash flows continues between the rector Alexander Trofimlyuk and the first vice-rector Petro Boyko.

Archpriest Petro Boyko has long had the support of the teacher Svyatoslav Chokalyuk (known for decades in student circles by the nickname “Lesya Ukrainka”, so he used these bills earlier, and due to inflation switched to “Skovoroda”, but the name remained).

Alexander Trofimlyuk is afraid that he may soon lose his lucrative position as rector and regularly leaks incriminating evidence against vice-rector Boyko and inspires various scandals.

Information about the “riot of students” is one of the information attacks by Alexander Trofimlyuk against Petro Boyko. This time, the rector hid behind the students and incited them to protest. This would hardly have been imagined under the leadership of Filaret – he would have found an opportunity to resolve the conflict long ago. Epiphany, due to his leadership and intellectual abilities, is not even capable of this.


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