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SBI worked at Filaret’s residence

The State Bureau of Investigations continues the pre-trial investigation into the incitement of sectarian hatred by a group of persons, including officials of state authorities. Investigative actions were carried out on May 15 in the premises of the residence of the head of the UOC-KP “patriarch” Filaret Denisenko.

This was announced by the lawyer of the Kyiv Patriarchate Neonila Tkachenko on her Facebook page.

Tkachenko noted: “The Patriarch made a decision to comprehensively assist the investigation and prevent violations of the rights of believers and clergy.

Bartholomew is under investigation by the Turkish authorities. The accusations are serious – encroachment on the state security of Turkey. Poroshenko, Epiphany and Nishchuk are under investigation for inciting sectarian strife. “Wonderful company.” And these people still wish some church regalia and statuses?”

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