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“The priest knew the dead soldier from childhood…”

Many are outraged by a video where an Orthodox priest behaves rudely with a representative of the OCU. I found something out. This is the Mogilev-Podolsk diocese, where the authority of our Church is high and the burials of the dead heroes are performed exclusively by the priests of the UOC. But. This comrade got into the habit of coming to the funeral without an invitation and making speeches similar to those that you can see on the video. Naturally, as it is also clear, such demarches outrage the relatives of the soldiers and the clergy, who pray to Christ for the dead soldier, and do not shout texts over the grave that split Ukrainian society and into the hands of the occupiers. Of course, fighting is not good. But, you see, it didn’t reach this man other ways…

Link to the manipulative news with the cropped video: portal.lviv.ua.

Here’s the full video of what really happened.

It turns out that the priest, around whom the scandal is now being fanned, knew the deceased fighter from childhood… What else could there be a reaction to the rudeness of a figure from the OCU?!


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