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What is your evidence?

Numerous rumors (or as it is called on the Internet) about the banned clerics of the Alexandrian Orthodox Church, who replenish the clergy of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Africa, are gradually acquiring evidence in jpg format.

So, for example, screenshots from Facebook appeared in one of the Telegram channels, where Archimandrite Nifont Hule, accepted into the clergy of the Exarchate and mentioned in the post of Metropolitan Leonid Gorbachev as the “coordinator of the Nigerian deanery” of the Russian Orthodox Church, participates in worship with the bishop of one of the Old Calendar Greek churches.

Of course, I would like to know in detail the history of the long journey of the Nigerian priest to Russian Orthodoxy, since his new Bishop is an active telegram user.

So far, only the old joke comes to mind about the fact that “there will be such a war for peace that no stone will be left unturned.” We see something similar now in the struggle for canons. After all, absolutely everyone declares their adherence to the canonical system: we read about canonical autocephalies, canonical territories, canonical protection. Here even the Greek TOCs could add something of their own (about the canons and the calendar, for example).

But for now, only the hostess should take note: if you keep lists of clerics on the website of the dioceses, and publish the decisions of church courts on the website of the patriarchy (Alexandria, for example), then the general public could know much more about the fate of individual archimandrites, and about the composition of the clergy of the Exarchate as a whole. In the meantime, there are only pictures from Facebook.

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