Phanar’s actions in Ukraine are a crime and a scam, – Greek journalist

Phanar’s actions in Ukraine are a crime, and it was a political decision. It also complicates Russian-Greek relations, said Greek journalist Peggy Doku, who came to the IX International Festival “Faith and Word” from Rhodes. The festival takes place in the suburbs, writes RIA Novosti.

By her own admission, she lives “in the place that belongs to the jurisdiction of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.” “I think that he will not change his decision. He does not believe in dialogue, everyone should understand this. He does not want to accept the fact that he makes mistakes. We must be prepared for the fact that he will create many new problems. And the Russian Church should , first of all, to influence public opinion on this issue, “- said the Greek journalist.

The Greek media, she said, generally “take the position of Patriarch Bartholomew,” “most of them do not want to really understand what is happening in Ukraine.” “The European media, I also watch them, are not at all familiar with the Ukrainian issue … Most of the European media are anti-Russian in nature, especially in the European Parliament,” Doku said. She recalled “the responsibility of journalists to tell the truth.”

In addition, the representative of Greece expressed surprise that now the new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, “does not want to support his own people.”

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