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  5. “We tried hard, but everything was ruined,” – Ukrainian radical nationalists about its seizure of the churches of the UOC

“We tried hard, but everything was ruined,” – Ukrainian radical nationalists about its seizure of the churches of the UOC

On September 15, 2021, the local branch of the Right Sector held an action in Lviv against the construction of new churches for the victims of the church raiding of the OCU and radicals of the religious communities of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

At the same time, the deputy chairman of the PS party, Vasily Labaychuk, said on his YouTube channel that such events would be held in the future and urged to participate in them. They announced their rally near one of the BRSM-Nafta gas stations, where the law-sector members voiced their “demands to stop funding the construction of churches of the Moscow Patriarchate,” they reported on the organization’s Facebook page, the UOC Information and Education Department reports.

One of the so-called. activists expressed their indignation at the fact that with the help of the patron Andrey Biba, only recently 10 churches of the UOC have been built in the western regions. According to members of the “Right Sector”, the patron built them “for priests whose parishes were transferred to the OCU, thus helping the branch of the ROC to maintain its influence on the Ukrainians.”

“Right Sector” also appealed to the power structures of Ukraine with a demand to “pay attention” to the enterprise, which finances the hated UOC.

“We will turn to radical measures if we are not heard,” they threatened in the “Right Sector”.

In a commentary to this publication, Vasyl Labaychuk posted his video, in which he admitted that the “Right Sector” helped to seize the “OCU” about 50 churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and now instead of them the parishes of the UOC are building new ones. He expressed his irritation about this.

“Since 2014, Right Sector has worked to help communities that decided to leave the Moscow Patriarchate and move to the Ukrainian Church, and we have quite serious success in this matter. About five dozen communities received our help in the confrontation with the “occupying church”. And the Ternopil region itself, where I was most involved in this and where I was directly involved in all these processes, is an important and significant place for me to fight against the occupier, ”the radical admitted to illegal raider actions.

According to him, churches in the UOC are being restored not because the parishioners, in which the churches were forcibly taken away, demand places for prayer, but for statistics: to keep their statistics – it is important for them. ” And also, he argues, in order to “demonstrate <…> how they are very quickly, with supposedly popular support, rebuilding churches.”

“That is, for us, for the” Right Sector “, this issue is very important, – continued the deputy chairman of the party” PS “. – We have made a lot of efforts to wrest each community from the influence of the Moscow Fifth Column. And then there appears the one who spoils this story <…>. In particular, Biboy financed the construction of new churches in the communities, which were transferred to the OCU, in the Ternopil region. These are the villages of Kuta, Bashuki, Ludvishche, Gnezdichnoye – these are the very settlements in which the “Right Sector” helped to leave the bosom of the Moscow occupation structure of the Russian Orthodox Church. ”

Finally, Labaychuk urged to join similar actions against the construction of new churches of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which his structure plans to carry out in the future: “I think the time has come for the Ukrainians to strike another blow at the Moscow Fifth Column, agents, especially, which is painful for them, at the church Moscow Patriarchate and their financial economic efforts. “

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