Patriarchate of Constantinople and Biden: when political gain is stronger than faith

“Our church and Hellenism have a friend in the Oval Office,” Archbishop Elpidiforos, head of the Greek Archdiocese in America, said in an interview with Kathimerini.

This, as we all understand, is about US President Joe Biden.

By the way, this is not the first public complimentary statement by a representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople to the head of the White House. And in general, with regard to the latter, the Phanariots adhere to the course of the maximum number of positive ratings and comments.

At the same time, the Patriarchate of Constantinople is not embarrassed by Biden’s commitment to promoting the interests of LGBT people, nor by the president’s defense of policies in support of abortion. Even Catholics are already raising their voices on these points, but not the Phanariots.

Indeed, for them, Biden and the United States is an opportunity to revive at least a particle of the former glory of Byzantium. And for this, the Istanbulites are ready to justify any deviation of the head of the White House from Christian norms.

Which, by the way, is understandable: political gain has long occupied the first place in the hearts of those who are eager to rule the Orthodox world …


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